80 Of Us- More On The Generation Gap

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The differences between two generations are immediately apparent. There actually is a *gap* between the two of them on the seat, but it's worth noting that in the end, they are still passengers of the same train!
So it is with life!Despite all of our disagreements, all people, young and old, share the desire for a happy life. Sometimes, though, it can seem like others stand in our way from reaching that goal.
Last week, I wrote about how talk of a generation gap has been around for thousands of years. No matter what changes take place in a society, it seems that younger people and older people are destined to disagree on some issues. More often than not though, it is members of the older generation who disagree with the choices and priorities of the young.
In China, people born after 1980 are known as the 80" (an equivalent term used in the west for young people of the same age is Generation Y). Some social commentators (usually much older!) deride the 80 as spoiled or self-centered and characterize them as the "me generation".
Having grown up during an era of massive economic and social change, young people have very different attitudes and expectations to their parents. Indeed, it is some of these attitudes that lead to conflict within families.

For many of the 80, the desire to find work they enjoy is in direct opposition to their parents wishes. A recent China Daily article profiled a number of these young people, who thankfully, have all resolved their conflicts with their parents and seem to be enjoying successful careers. Yet for each of these successful young people, perhaps there are others who have not been so fortunate and whose decisions have alienated them from their families. Do you know any of them?

How is your relationship with your own parents? Do you feel they support your decisions? If you wanted to follow your heart, could you convince your family it was the right thing to do?
It seems that there has always been a perceived opposition between the younger members of society and older, more established members. Do you agree? Does this hold true today?
China has seen a lot of change in a short space of time. The circumstances young people face today are very different from the circumstances their parents faced at the same age. Do you feel there is a big difference of opinion between the two generations? Or do you feel that your parents generation is supportive of the increased personal freedoms young people have today?
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80 Of Us- More On The Generation Gap

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This article was published on 2010/12/13